Ashley Clark, 2018 Ice Chips special guest

Ashley Clark

Unique stunts and electrifying skating!

Ashley Clark is a three-time U.S. Gold Medalist and the 2016 U.S. Open Pro Champion. She has been performing professionally for over twenty years all over the world with some of the most renowned and well-known shows such as Disney On Ice, Holiday On Ice, Broadway On Ice, Sun Valley On Ice; and on cruise ships with Bietak Productions.

She grew up training in Colorado and now resides in San Francisco, CA where she still trains and does choreography. Most recently, she was the choreographer for Winter Wonderland On Ice at SeaWorld in 2017, and assisted on the new production of Holiday On Ice, Passion in 2015. She has choreographed programs for 2006 Olympian Emily Hughes and for 2011 U.S. National Champion Ryan Bradley.

Ashley was the 2014 ProSkaters Specialty Act Champion and the 2011 ProSkaters Ladies Champion. She has served as president of ProSkaters, a not-for-profit organization, from 2007-2013. In this capacity, Ashley dedicated her time to helping aspiring professional skaters. She graduated in 2017 from the International Institute of Nutrition as a Holistic Health coach, and most recently added Aerial Yoga teacher certification to her wellness program. She is thrilled to be here debuting her new act, Fire & Ice, at Ice Chips.