Photo and Video Policy

The Skating Club of Boston

Photo and Video Policy

Limitations on Activity, Unauthorized Use and Distribution

The following Photo and Video Policy of The Skating Club of Boston is adapted from U.S. Figure Skating. It has been adopted for the safety of all skaters appearing in Club events, and for the enjoyment of all spectators in attendance.

  • No video recording of any kind is allowed during any portion of the event. This includes recording on phones, tablets and all other devices with video recording capabilities.
  • Personal photography is allowed from spectator seating areas so as not to interfere with nor disrupt [i] any portion of the event; [ii] event participants and their performance; [iii] the intended use of public areas; [iv] and/or the viewing ability and enjoyment of others in the audience.
  • All photos taken during the event are for personal use only.
  • Flash photography is not allowed at any time. It is a serious hazard to the skaters and does not improve the quality of photos in a darkened arena.
  • The following equipment is prohibited because of its interference with the enjoyment of other spectators in the arena:
    • Monopods
    • Tripods
    • Telephoto lenses greater than 6 inches or 200mm
  • The unauthorized commercial use, sale or third party distribution of photos and videos from the event is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from the management of The Skating Club of Boston.
  • Violators of any photo or video policy will be subject to immediate revocation of the seating license and removal from the event with no refund of purchase price.
  • Violators may be held liable for any damages or injuries caused by violation off this policy.

March 20, 2015