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The Spirit of Ice Chips Award

The Witkowski and Lynch Families

Ice Chips is The Skating Club of Boston’s annual professional production that celebrates the Club’s community and the sport of figure skating. The Spirit of Ice Chips Award was created in honor of Emily and Shep Holt, on the occasion of their 60th year performing in Ice Chips, and in recognition of their lifelong dedication to Ice Chips and The Skating Club of Boston. The award is given annually to an individual who has shown a similar long-standing and exceptional commitment to Ice Chips and The Skating Club of Boston. 

This year’s Spirit of Ice Chips Award recognizes recipients Mary, Erika, Luke, Catherine, and Jack Witowski and their grandfather, Peter Lynch. The Witkowski/Lynch family has picked up the torch passed on by the Holt/Larson family in the true meaning of the Spirit of Ice Chips Award. For the Witkowskis, participating in Ice Chips is a family affair, as it was for the Holt/Larson family. The Witkowski family skated in their first Ice Chips show in 2012. Throughout the years, Mary and her children have been reliable participants of the cast as they have all skated in various production numbers throughout the years as well as their TOI of Boston team performances. And in recent years, Luke has been entertaining audiences with his fabulous step-out solos. 

Besides performing in the production, the family also supports Ice Chips by inviting a wide variety of family and friends to come see the show. They also donate to the show’s program book so that they can provide messages recognizing coaches and friends they skate with throughout each season. Even Grandpa Peter comes to almost every rehearsal to be supportive of his grandchildren and daughter. Peter is well known to many cast members as he sits at the boards giving words of encouragement to all involved. And after a few months of rehearsals, he then makes sure to attend every show.  

It is with great appreciation and respect that we present The 2020 Spirit of Ice Chips Award to Mary, Erika, Luke, Catherine, and Jack Witkowski and their grandfather, Peter Lynch. 

Prior Recipients

Thomas J. McGinnis (2008), William Danner (2009), Joseph Blount (2010),
Mary Naphtal (2011), Kimberly Donlan (2012), Jarshen Lin (2013),
Warren Naphtal (2014), Sally Zeghibe (2015), Katharine Steeger (2016),
Allen Krawiec (2017), Christie Allan-Piper (2018)